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Risk Management

Church community life should be about its mission to God’s people. The physical aspect of church should offer a safe place to worship and gather. Those who worship in our buildings should always conduct themselves in a faultless manner. However, as we know, life is not that simple, and we are exposed to risks both internally and externally. In response, CCVT has developed RedBook. This comprehensive risk management system will assist your community to attain the safety standards and measures that the neighbourhood, regulatory bodies, and community members expect. This tool will assist your church to prevent unnecessary injury and incident within your community. Our aim is to assist your community to increase your awareness of risk management, which in turn will minimise risk and reduce your potential liability.

Safe Places For All People

Good stewardship stems from the community’s mandate to care for others. We have a legal responsibility to keep people safe in public buildings.

We often see government regulation as unnecessary and expensive red tape that only adds to our workloads. However, it is an opportunity to showcase our mission and care for God’s people in the neighbourhood. Our communities should be among the first to support such initiatives.

Benefits Of Good Risk Management

Reduce costs — well maintained property and good management extend the life of assets and increase the productivity of ministry.

Avoid legal action — legal action by third parties or breaches of regulation may arise as a result of neglect of our duty of care to others.

Control, monitor, and review the risk itself — risk management practices aim to fix or minimise identifiable risk and make sure preventative measures we have in place are working.

Neighbourhood trust and goodwill — a lack of concern for risk management can lead to a negative image for your community which is a bad testimony for Christ and an impediment to conducting mission within your local neighbourhood.

Peace of mind for Ministers and the leadership team — your key leaders wear the primary responsibility for community liability. Good risk management practice protects your people from unnecessary risk exposure.

Top 10 Church Risks

See how your community rates with our top ten risks that often lead to insurance claims. By building your community’s awareness of potential risks, you can make your buildings and locations safer places to gather.

      • Working at heights
      • Slip and trip
      • Playground equipment
      • Under-insurance — many church buildings are not adequately insured in the case of a fire or other catastrophe. Buildings need to be insured for the replacement cost of rebuilding in the event they are destroyed.
      • Handling the offering
      • Hire church property
      • Children’s ministry
      • Food safety
      • Electrical safety
      • Workers compensation

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