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CCVT Privacy Policy Document Status: Version 2. Date Issued: November 2019.
Archiving RecommendationsCCVT encourages churches to retain as many archive materials as possible.
Safe Places Statements of CommitmentVersion 1 Approved 08.05.2017.
Safe Places PolicyVersion 1 Approved 08.06.2017.
CCVT Safe Places Policy Mandarin安全场所政策. Version 1 Approved 08.06.2017.
Privacy Policy Compliance ChecklistThe aim of this checklist is to assist in the implementation of privacy practices among …
CCVT Office Complaints PolicyComplaints about CCVT Inc or its representatives as per the Purpose, Scope, Functions, and Delegations.
CCVT Marriage Celebrant PolicyRecognition of Ministers as Marriage Celebrants Policy. Approved 28/06/2018.
CCVT Duty of Care for Responsible Leadership of Children and Youth Policy 270612As approved by the Council of Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania Inc. on 27 …
Code of Ethics for MinistersVersion 2 Approved 14.12.2017.
CCVT Affiliation Policy approved June 2021 Version 1.0. Approved June 2021.

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