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Position Available: One Church | Associate Minister

Associate Minister – Full Time
Commencing 2024

One Church is a church with a clear vision. We are committed to being a church that is relevant to contemporary Australia, where each person is equipped with the tools, they need to discover their God given purpose.

As an Associate Minister, you’ll quickly become known and loved by our church community. You will be passionate about leading, developing and inspiring other leaders because you know that growth in ministry is a shared journey.

As an architect of strategy and a creator of culture, you’ll find innovative ways to drive the future vision of our church and see it embraced church wide. You will be very aware of the challenge to be a relevant and life-changing church in a contemporary Australian context, and this will be a significant focus of your leadership and strategy.

We are proud to be a dynamic and forward-thinking church. We need a gifted leader who can work alongside a capable and passionate leadership team.

You could be our next associate minister if…

  • You are a person who seeks to love God and love others with all that you are and embrace Christlike servant leadership.
  • You genuinely care for people in and outside the church. Relationships are of high value.
  • You get things done and you do it with others.
  • You are a planner and a visionary. You naturally think ahead and can see the road map clearly. You inspire and encourage others to take the journey with you.
  • You can keep the wheels turning. You’re not just motivated by the mountain top moments, but you know that good planning, administration and resourcing lead to more mountain top moments.
  • You lead. You can’t help it. People want to work with you, and you get great satisfaction from seeing others fly in leadership.
  • You like to teach and preach, and you have a gift for it. It excites you because you enjoy learning and sharing what you learn.
  • You value feedback and robust honest conversation with others because you believe in the longterm benefit of growing together.
  • You can laugh. Mostly at yourself.
  • You long to see Jesus impacting the lives of those who are far from Him. This is a strong motivation of your ministry and is reflected in the way you live your life.
  • You have relevant experience; you understand larger churches and you have recognized ministry and/or theology qualifications.

If you were here last week here are some things you might have done…

  • Provided supervision and oversight to our Young Adult Ministry.
  • Supported our Leadership Institute Directors in planning a retreat for YA participants.
  • Been responsible for the planning and execution of our 5.30pm evening service.
  • Worked as a member of the Executive Leadership Team on planning for vision development, execution, and resourcing.
  • Brainstormed direction for an upcoming preaching series and started preparation for preaching one of those sermons in the next month.
  • Connected with community leaders at a local event.
  • Offered pastoral support to a young person struggling with a recent illness.
  • Facilitated a churchwide prayer event in consultation with key staff and stakeholders.
  • Enjoyed a day off to do something you love.

If you think you’d be a good fit, we would love to hear from you. You can request further background information and a full position description via email:

One Church, 184 Surrey Rd, Blackburn, Melbourne, Australia

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