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CareWorks Staff

Jo (Joanne) Antoni
CareWorks Projects Manager 

Jo’s focus is to establish and maintain strong working relationship with impending and current CareWorks Partners. She oversees the channelling of donations made to CareWorks programs, manages internal and sponsored grant campaigns, promotes programs, and is a point of resource and referral. She ensures governing compliance standards are met on an annual basis by monitoring the progress of CareWorks projects in terms of the Memorandum of understanding and annual reporting. This role works in collaboration with the Community Mission Catalyst to deliver desired outcomes for your program. 

David Ratten
Community Catalyst
David brings a wealth of experience as a practitioner who can inspire, coach, and build energy and movement with leaders who are committed to the work of community engagement. He assists local churches and agencies to develop critical strength and capacity for effective benevolent programs.

You can contact Jo and David at or on 03 9488 8800

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