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  • Who we are

Who we are

Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania (CCVT) is a movement of around 130 churches and agencies who are committed to being “a movement of the people of God gathering in and around the central figure of Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, living out his way in our neighbourhoods, and inviting others to do the same.”

Church communities
Ministers and leaders

Building communities of hope and compassion.

What we do

Develop leaders

We are here to assist all leaders of Communities of Hope and Compassion with support, advice, and training.

Support communities

Our team builds up communities in developing renewal and resilience, new communities, and engaging with their local neighbourhoods.

Assist operations

Our team is here to support the everyday running of your Community of Hope and Compassion to release your people to be the best they can be for the Kingdom, safe and supported.

CCVT strives to be a network that serves communities that have voluntarily united together in interdependence for mutual support and encouragement to do what most churches would find difficult to do alone. Communities that are a part of Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania work together out of mutual belonging, and are part of a bigger movement.

CCVT Inc is an incorporated entity tasked with promoting the goals and supporting the communities that comprise our movement in Vic/Tas. The constitution of CCVT can be accessed here:

In coming together, there are resources we can share as well as mutual benefits and responsibilities we have as we commit to one another in partnership and mission. At the heart of this relationship is the recognition that we are all united under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and are committed to key biblical beliefs and distinctives that reflect the Restoration movement of which we are a part.

Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania

Churches of Christ is a uniquely Australian expression of the Restoration or Stone Campbell movement that had 19th Century origins particularly on the American mid-western frontier. There a simple, uncluttered New Testament Christianity resulted from a dissatisfaction with a formal European ‘religion’ that had been initially imposed on the first cities of America—Boston, New York, Philadelphia, etc.—and then on those in the wild frontier. These are our roots: frontier, pioneering, radical, maybe a little ‘rebellious’ and innovative.

Mainstream Christian beliefs

Our common mission is: To be a movement of the people of God gathering in and around the central figure of Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, living out his Way in our neighbourhoods and inviting others to do the same.

Healthy organisational structures

Contemporary governance and compliance needs are important for churches, although these can sometimes seem to overwhelm our focus on mission. Nevertheless, care for people’s needs as Christians includes a formal duty of care. The failures of past generations in governance and compliance has sadly led to abuses within various churches across Australia. Priority on the Gospel fuels missional urgency and spiritual vitality, but care is needed in structuring leadership accountability to avoid neglect or unhealthy extremes of authority. Churches of Christ congregations, though diverse in style, typically empower a senior ministry team to lead a congregation, while being accountable to a governance board who resource and structure the parameters within which safe ministry takes place.

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