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Supporting Ministers

Ministry Plan

It is important to be able to take a mission and ministry dream or idea and shape it into an actionable plan. A mission plan process will enable you to work out how to move from the why to the what, the who how and the when of your ministry dream. 

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the process of envisioning a new future for the church. It is complementary to the development of a mission plan. Strategic planning involves developing a biblical mission and compelling vision, that is underpinned by clear core values and has a ministry strategy.

The Communities Team can provide relevant advice and workshop resources to assist you and your church to discern and set the course of your future through a strategic plan.

Recovery and Restoration

There are times when Churches and Agencies experience trauma as a result of heightened conflict, ministry misconduct, governance breakdown or unforeseen pastoral circumstances. It is in these times that an external facilitator and support can provide helpful insights for the journey.

Interim or Intentional Interim Ministers

When in the process of a ministry transition, it can be helpful to consider the appointment of an interim, or an Intentional Interim Minister. This can be especially helpful after a long-term ministry, or in the event of a sudden or unexpected conclusion to a ministry placement.

Church Life Cycle

Taking time to look in the mirror as a church can be challenging and life giving. One tool is that of the Church Life Cycle. This is helpful to identify your churches current state, and to discern where the next ministry development or intervention is required.

Moving the Dial

It is our conviction that church leaders are called to help churches move towards the goal of loving God and loving others as we love ourselves. Wd do this by embodying our common practices. The CCVT Communities team has identified various growth points that will resonate with your church.

The Communities Team can provide relevant advice and workshop resources to assist you and your church to address any of the topics listed above.

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