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Bequests to CareWorks

The passing of a loved one is never easy for those left behind, but taking time to write your Will allows you to make provision for your family and friends. It can also give you the opportunity to let your love live on through a bequest to CareWorks as many others have over the years.

A bequest, however large or small, is a legacy of love. It stands as a monument to the values you hold dear. Through a bequest to CareWorks you can continue to strengthen God’s Kingdom and ensure its growth into the future for the benefit of generations to come.

Whatever the purpose of the gift and whatever the amount, CareWorks treats every gift with the utmost diligence and respect. You can be assured that your bequest will be used to further the Kingdom of God. You can choose the areas that the bequest supports.

To make a bequest, you must first make a Will. A Will ensures that after death, your wishes are protected and efficiently implemented. It is a simple, uncomplicated process we all need to do. It is part of life.

When you make a Will, or update your existing Will, simply ask your legal advisor to include a bequest to CareWorks — it is that easy.

There are a number of ways you can include a bequest to CareWorks in your Will, and your legal advisor will guide you through the simple process.

The three most effective options for including a bequest in your Will are leaving a proportion of your Estate, leaving the residue of your Estate or leaving a percentage of the residue. These offer you the advantage of ensuring that the real dollar value of your bequest is not eroded by inflation over time, maintaining its strength and power to make a difference.If you are considering a bequest to CareWorks, we encourage you to inform us of your intention so we can discuss with you how we might invest your gift and plan for the future. 

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