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Financial Services

Comprehensive financial support and advice for communities is available through initiatives such as Churches of Christ Financial Services and Churches of Christ Insurance. If your community is seeking advice on matters of finance — whether you are thinking of a new building project or need help with financial concerns — CCVT has experts on hand to help out.

We recommend that you partner with us at the earliest opportunity so we can advise on the best way forward in matters of property management and financial planning. Contact the CCVT Communities Team who will guide you through the process and be able to connect you with support from the Operations Team.

Comprehensive financial services are available to individuals and communities, facilitated through Churches of Christ Financial Services, an initiative of CCVT. Your debentures, either personal or community related, will return a healthy rate of interest on your investment and support Churches of Christ as a whole by providing churches with access to low-cost finance for church development.

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