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Churches of Christ Vic/Tas (CCVT) is committed to doing better at building Communities of Hope and Compassion, and developing leaders to lead them. We know we will be doing better when each affiliated community is a safe place for everybody to grow in their discipleship of Jesus, and in their relationships with one another. The Supervision of People in Ministry in CCVT is a vital element in developing safe places. CCVT hopes to support those in ministry to meet with the increasing demands of their role and better support their diverse communities so that together they can be foretaste of the Kingdom of God.

Supervision is a joint endeavour in which a minister, with the help of a Supervisor, develops themselves in relation to their ministry and wider context, attends to the people they minister to, and (by developing their own practice) feeds back into the knowledge and effectiveness of the wider CCVT Movement.

In Supervision, we will learn, we will be challenged, we will be supported and we will discover and face the risks of entering into the mystery of God’s call and where it leads us. Whatever the circumstance Supervision is to be one place where joy and pain can be freely expressed, but also a space of resurrection, redemption and healing.

Supervision Moving Forward Together

Supervision Agreement

We at CCVT will assist you in finding a suitably qualified person to be your Supervisor, please contact our office so we can put this into place.

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