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Theological Training

There is no theological training required for a minister to become Accredited by CCVT. Please see the requirements listed for basic ministry Accreditation here.

For a minister to become fully Endorsed, an expectation of any Accredited minister, a broad range of theological training must be achieved. While a range of Bachelor and Diploma level courses are available, we recommend completion at Stirling or ACOM Colleges. Any academic transcripts need to ensure that the range of ministry-related topics required in our Accreditation and Endorsement for Ministers Policy have each been covered. The alternative unaccredited online option can be accessed below.


CCVT’s Activate video series provides an alternative for ministers finding it more convenient to study online. ‘Activate’ training offers an accessible and practical unaccredited course that is designed to complement local church discipleship and coaching and fulfils the CCVT theological requirements for endorsement.

The Activate program includes four units of nine sessions each: Bible, Theology, Mission, and Ministry. The cost is $220 for each of the four units. Three 90 minute Zoom-based workshops will be required for each unit for any person intending to pursue Endorsement ministry with CCVT. 

Enquire about Activate:

Contact Anna Nyhuis at
Click here to fill in the Expression of Interest form for Activate.

Click here to download the Activate Unit Completion Summary

Training Events

Training and equipping events for leaders of all ages and experiences are run throughout the year either by CCVT or in partnership with other organisations. Click the button below for information on upcoming Leadership events.

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