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Southern Community Church of Christ | Associate Minister Position Available


Southern Community Church of Christ (SCCC) is an active community of faith located in Cheltenham, a bayside suburb of Melbourne, Australia. We are a mainstream contemporary Church with a strong desire to relate the teaching of Jesus to our community. We believe we are open and accepting, welcoming and valuing people of all ages, beliefs, and backgrounds.

SCCC has a long and rich heritage over more than 160 years. Throughout that time the Church has grown and changed as the community around it has changed. We are actively discerning the model of church and staffing needs that will best serve the current community demographics and needs. 

We are in partnership and share our facilities with the Cheltenham Community Centre (CCC), a ‘Neighbourhood House,’ an initiative of SCCC over 35 years ago.

Our Vision:

To be an open community of people exploring relationship with God, 
self and others, following the way of Jesus.

Our Values:

  • People Matter: we value diversity, inclusion, and empowerment of all people.
  • Community Matters: we aspire to generously serve the community, meeting human needs and addressing injustice.
  • Spirituality Matters: we aspire to communicate the Christian faith and values with clarity, creativity, grace and compassion.
  • Life Matters: we aspire to support and offer resources to people in their pursuit of wholeness and wellbeing.


2-12 Chesterville Road, Cheltenham, Victoria 3192


The person we are seeking will appreciate the ethos of SCCC and continue to ensure that the Church remains open to people at all stages of their faith journey, allowing differences of belief and culture to flourish and produce the rich, diverse canvas of relevant Christianity that is SCCC’s face to our community.

The person will:

  • have a passion for God, people and serving in a faith community.
  • be open to new expressions and possibilities of faith community.
  • be open to working as a team in transition and change looking to revitalise an ageing church.
  • have a focus on a younger cohort, such as intergenerational / families, or young people, beyond the current demographic of the church.
  • open to multicultural and diversity in ministry.
  • be responsible for the “discipleship stream / pipeline” supporting the above.
  • be an effective communicator, oral, written, including online platforms.
  • be keen to work with and engage a community centre setting (Cheltenham Community Centre), the geographical footprint also connected with childcare and a retirement village.
  • be welcome to discuss further areas of their ministry specialty.
  • perform some general, including Sunday ministry, duties while we discern, pioneer, plan and grow.
  • be someone who can birth new avenues of connection with community and ministry. They may be a placemaker or faith community / church planter or innovator. We are aware that not all the people we hope to connect with as a church will gather and worship on Sundays or in the building here. We are open to other possibilities and groups supported, discipled, mentored, accountable and connected as part of the church.

Key Prerequisites:

  • Working towards, or have relevant qualifications in theology and ministry formation or equivalent experience in ministry leadership.
  • Accredited (or able to attain accreditation) with Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania (CCVT), and be affirmed (or able to be affirmed) as an Endorsed Minister when ministry and, or, theological training has been completed. For more information: This includes:
  • Providing a satisfactory National Police Check and Working with Children Check.
  • Willingness and ability to sign the Statement of Compliance under the Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania Practice of Ministry Code of Ethics.
  • Willingness to comply with and work within the Safe Places standards of Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania. 
  • Willingness to attend ongoing external Professional Supervision.
  • Be an Australian resident 


Terms and conditions of employment shall be as outlined in the Victoria-Tasmania Churches of Christ Recommended Terms and Conditions of Employment of Ministers (2021) unless varied by mutual agreement and noted specifically in the Ministry Employment Agreement.  The remuneration package will be based on the current recommendation of the Victoria-Tasmania Churches of Christ, amended annually as recommended by Conference Council. 

3 month probation.  Annual Performance Appraisal.

Commencement Date: January 2024 (or by negotiation).

Expressions of interest including cover letter and resume:

Monique ten Hoopen
Lead Minister
(03) 8541 9710

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