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Support Services

The Communities Team provides various resources and tools to assist in the growth of healthy ministry and mission as churches. What follows is a list of our most frequently used resources. If you can’t find what you are looking for please contact the Communities Team with your request.

Find a Minister (or Ministry Opportunities)

Across the breadth of CCVT there are various ministry opportunities available. Churches advertise for either applications or expressions of interest, and typically will include a comprehensive church profile and position description.

View Current Job Vacancies

Supporting Growing Churches

Supporting Growing Churches is an initiative of CCVT Communities Team, whereby we work with churches that are already positive communities of faith and support them to continue their growth momentum. It is a program specifically designed to support the minister through his/her involvement in a cohort of ministers from similar churches, along with one-on-one support from a CCVT Communities team member.

Clusters / Regional Conversations / Roundtables

We value the opportunity for Ministers and leaders of affiliated communities within a particular region or geographical area to participate in an ongoing conversation with the common goal of Building Communities of Hope and Compassion. There is always a mixture of gathering types that are in person and on-line.

To join in with your nearest cluster, regional conversation or roundtable contact the Communities Team by emailing

Mission Plan

It is important to be able to take a mission and ministry dream or idea and shape it into an actionable plan. A mission plan process will enable you to work out how to move from the why to the what, the who, the how, and the when of your ministry dream.

Through the Communities Team your church or agency can be given tools, assisted by workshops and clear processes in developing a vision and future.

Ministry Transition and Placements

Transition is a time of opportunity. This is particularly true in the life of a community when a key individual (who may be a minister) is leaving. The Communities Team can assist in providing a clear process in navigating a transition.

Church Planting

CCVT believes that the pioneering of new churches is the most strategic and effective means of extending the Great Commission of Jesus to our states and nation. At many stages in the history of the Churches of Christ worldwide, it was a movement characterised by pioneers and church planters and, at CCVT today, we believe the time to plant is upon us again!

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