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Ordination is recognition by the Church that a person has been called to ministry as a specific way of life. The Council of Churches of Christ in Australia (CCCA) may confer it at a large gathering such as the CCVT Celebration service, or in a local church. Either way, those who lay hands on the ordained represent the whole Church in the act of ordination.

The CCCA policy on ordination specifies that only Ministers that have been Endorsed by their state body will be ordained. The requirements in the policy include:

  • Generally are in ministry within a Churches of Christ church, team or agency setting;
  • Completed a recognised ministry training course of at least three years duration;
  • Completed an acceptable discernment process;
  • Undertaken a minimum period of two years relevant ministry experience; and
  • Made a demonstrable commitment to ongoing professional development.

Ordination, then, is affirmation, blessing, & setting apart for a task of one who has been recognised by the discerning Church as having the necessary gifts & formation for that task. The worshipping community, in the power of the Holy Spirit, performs it. It does not confer any status or privilege, but rather, responsibility & accountability.

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