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Hobart City Church of Christ – Thread Together

Community Clothing Hub

In 2021, Hobart City Church of Christ began a partnership with Sydney based not-for-profit, Thread Together Ltd to create Tasmania’s first Clothing Hub, located on Liverpool Street, in Hobart. Thread Together Ltd was founded in 2012 by Andie Halas and is run by CEO Anthony Chesler. It is a world-first organisation and is increasingly recognised as the most ethical solution to managing the issue of surplus end of line stock.

Our service solves two problems – protecting the planet by saving clothing from landfill and helping vulnerable people, restoring dignity and choice by giving them access to brand new clothing.
Through this service, we provide brand new clothing at no cost to vulnerable individuals in the greater Hobart community, including:

  • homeless adults
  • people escaping domestic violence
  • humanitarian entrants
  • people returning to the community from incarceration
  • youth at risk
  • people impacted by drought, fires and floods.

Clients are referred to the Hobart Hub by various charities and local service organisations and through a personal appointment, choose a mini-wardrobe of new clothes.

We provide clients with choice in clothing and assisting them to select suitable wardrobe items. Our service augments the existing services provided by 12+ local charity and social service organisation including Hobart City Mission, Anglicare, Salvos, Jireh House, Mission Australia, the Royal Hobart Hospital and Community Corrections.

Thread Together is not a new form of Op Shop, nor is it a revenue stream for the Hobart City Church of Christ. A condition of partnership is that all clothing is given free of charge (Matthew 10:8). Thread Together is part of our vision to create spaces of hope and compassion where everyone can encounter Jesus.

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