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Thornbury Church of Christ – Community Meals

The seeds of our food relief program were planted in 2017 when we dedicated the 4th Sunday of the month to a community meal. Later that year a local artisan bakery reached out for help to reduce their food waste, and we began opening twice a week for a cuppa and chat and free loaf of bread. Once the pandemic hit, our operation expanded to; pre-cooked meals, dairy, dry goods, fresh fruit and vegetables, and now supply from six bakeries. We open three days per week for food relief and have around 200-250 visits per week and can only do this with the generosity of volunteers from the community. The addition of a community pantry outside on the Smith St side of the church has enabled people to access food 24/7 and also gives our local businesses and households a place to donate food, a win for both food relief and food waste.

In August 2021 we launched a small social enterprise café, Think Local Community Café, with the desire to fund midweek community meals with the potential to bring other support services onboard. We currently work from a mobile coffee trolley with a vision to grow into a container or food van located on the busy main road side of the church. The café is also working with the local neighbourhood house to provide placements for their work-readiness hospitality program for neurodiverse people.

Community Meal
4th Sunday of the month from 12pm (bookings recommended)

Food Relief
Mon / Wed / Fri (2:30pm -5pm)

Smith St Community Pantry
Open 24/7 – Take what you need, give what you can.

Think Local Community Café
Monday – Friday 6:15am – 1pm

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