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CCVT Governance

Good governance is not something that just happens, it is a purposeful response to the challenge of creating the environment for effective mission and operational compliance. This includes having an up to date Constitution and Incorporation status.

The Communities Team can provide relevant advice and workshop resources to assist in developing appropriate and effective governance practices.

Tasmania Agreement: Memorandum of UnderstandingChurches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania Inc reflects a relationship between Churches of Christ …
Sample Church Constitution TemplateConstitution Revision October 2021.
Properties Corporation ActThe activities of the Properties Corporation are governed by this Act of Victorian Parliament.
MIN CCVT Employment Agreement for Ministers Aug 2023Recommended Employment Agreement for Ministers template. This Recommended Employment Agreement is one of the suite of …
Community Care ConstitutionThe activities of Community Care are governed by this Constitution alongside the CCVT Inc Constitution.
Conflict of Interest Declaration TemplateTemplate
COC Tasmanian Constitution FINALChurches of Christ Tasmanian Constitution.
CCVT Incorporation Information Paper Oct 2021 The CCVT Affiliation Policy encourages all new or existing affiliated churches or agencies to be …
CCVT ConstitutionThe CCVT Inc Constitution was significantly updated at the Special General Meeting held on October …
CCVT Code of Conduct generic sampleTemplate: Code of conduct.
CCVT Affinity 2 The affiliation agreement of Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania Inc as per CCVT constitution 4.2 …
CCVT Affiliation Policy approved June 2021 Version 1.0. Approved June 2021.
Recommended Minimum Remuneration Package for People in Ministry in CCVT 2022-23Note: This 2022/23 Package incorporates recommendations from the annual review, offering an equitable increase in …
CCVT Inc AGM Minutes 2022Minutes of the Annual General Meeting, 2022.
CCVT Strategic Plan 2021-2025Growing and Sustaining Healthy Communities.
CCVT Annual Report 2022, Stories and Statistics from 2021View the 2022 Annual Report.

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