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CCVT Safe Ministry Check Screening QuestionaireForm – Safe Ministry Check Screening Questionnaire
Safe Church Workshops Host Information Sheet 2023Information sheet on hosting Safe Church Workshops.
Change or Suppression Prohibition Act Summary 2021The Change or Suppression Prohibition (Conversion) Act 2021 was introduced in February 2022.
Change or Suppression Conversion Practices Prohibition Act 2021 Authorised Version. Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Act 2021. No. 3 of 2021. 
Sample Tasmanian Redbook – not for useThis Risk Management Redbook contains customised reports and records required to manage Duty of Care tasks …
Sample Victorian Redbook – not for useThis Risk Management Redbook contains customised reports and records required to manage Duty of Care tasks …
Sign: Your experience matters – FamiliesSign for churches: We welcome your feedback about children’s ministries and programs. 
Sign: Who can I talk to?Sign for churches. Sometimes in life there might be bad things happening that scare or hurt …
Sign: What is bullying?Sign for churches. Information for children and youth.
Sign: Questions? Concerns? YouthSign for churches: Questions? Concerns? About Youth Ministry.
Sign: Questions? Concerns? ChildrenSign for churches. Questions? Concerns? About Children’s Ministry.
Let the Little Children PosterWe listen to children because Jesus listens to children.
Information and Participation Youth PosterPoster: We care for youth. We want you to feel safe. We welcome your questions.
If You Are Injured At Work PosterWorkSafe poster
How we Behave at Church PosterPoster for youth: How we Behave at Church.
Friendships Children Thessalonians PosterFriendship Poster for Churches.
Friendship Poster for Children: ProverbsPoster for churches – Friendship.
Friendship Poster for Youth: ThessaloniansPoster for youth: Friendship.
Friendship Poster for Youth: ProverbsPoster for churches: Friendship.
Food Safety Rules: A4 PosterFood safety rules poster for churches.
First Aid Attendants Emergency Numbers Sample SignFirst Aid Sign – template for churches.
Feedback Poster: YouthPoster for churches: We value your feedback.
Cover your cough and sneeze: posterPoster for churches: Cover your cough and sneeze.
Cleaning and disinfecting to reduce COVID 19 transmissionCleaning and disinfecting to reduce COVID 19 transmission 20 March 2020. Tips for non-healthcare settings.
Churches of Christ Safe Places Poster editableTemplate: Churches of Christ Safe Places Poster.
Posters: Children’s Poster – 05 IdeaPoster for churches: I have an idea.
Posters: Children’s Poster – 04 FeelingsPoster for churches: My feelings matter.
Posters: Children’s Poster – 03 SecretsPoster for churches: I don’t have to keep a secret that makes me feel scared.
Posters: Children’s poster – 02 ListenPoster for churches: Listen to me when I speak.
Posters: Children’s poster – 01 FriendPoster for churches: I’m worried about my friend.
COVID Checklist: How to keep your workers safeHow to keep your workers safe and limit the spread of COVID 19 (Final)
CCVT Volunteer Driver Information FormForm for churches: volunteer driver.
Safe Places Statements of CommitmentVersion 1 Approved 08.05.2017.
Safe Places PolicyVersion 1 Approved 08.06.2017.
CCVT Safe Places Policy Mandarin安全场所政策. Version 1 Approved 08.06.2017.
CCVT Safe Ministry Check Screening QuestionaireQuestionaire: Safe Ministry Check.
CCVT Risk of Significant Harm FormForm: To be completed by any person who hears a disclosure or wishes to report safety …
Privacy Policy Compliance ChecklistThe aim of this checklist is to assist in the implementation of privacy practices among …
CCVT Incident or Injury Reporting FormThis form is to be completed by an adult witness or leader whenever an incident …
CCVT Hierarchy of Controls for GatheringsCOVID-19: Hierarch of Controls for Gatherings.
CCVT Duty of Care for Responsible Leadership of Children and Youth Policy 270612As approved by the Council of Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania Inc. on 27 …
CCVT Approval For Ministry FormForm: This is a written accountability tool for ensuring that you have done your risk management …
CCVT Anecdotal Record FormForm: To be completed by anyone who wishes to report a safety concern.
Breaking the Silence Info SheetOnline Communication with Young People March 2020_1
Breaking the Silence and COVID 19Connecting and Communicating Online
Anaphylaxis EpiPen Action plan generalAction plan for anaphylaxis.

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